Two-ferry solution and change in schedules on the Eidsdal–Linge route from 16 May

From 16 May, the two-ferry solution will begin on the Eidsdal-Linge ferry route, located on County Road 63 in Fjord municipality. During the period with two ferries, which lasts until 30 September, there will be changes to the departure times on the route.

These are the changes during the two-ferry season:

  • The A-ferry will be stationed at Linge during the night, resulting in the cancellation of the last departure from Eidsdal in the evening during the two-ferry season.
  • The first departure for the A-ferry will be from Linge at 06:00 on weekdays and 06:30 on Saturdays and Sundays.

These adjustments are made due to rest hour requirements and operational readiness.

Operational readiness and rest hour requirements

The B-ferry will serve as the standby ferry during this period and will sail to Liabygda when standby duty is required. Depending on the timing of standby duty, the initial departures for the B-ferry may be canceled due to crew rest requirements. The A-ferry will operate as usual.