Still necessary to use a smaller ferry on the Kvanne–Rykkjem connection

A larger ferry was supposed to be reinstated on the Kvanne–Rykkjem connection from 20 December, but the period with a smaller ferry is being extended.

The reason is significant challenges with the drilling of pipes that need to be installed at the Kvanne ferry dock, which has caused the work to take longer than planned. The dock is not yet ready to accommodate a larger ferry. Therefore, the ferry MF Driva will continue to operate on the connection until the drilling work is completed by January.

This also means that during the same period, the ferry MF Sykkylvsfjord will operate on the Arasvika–Hennset connection.

Arasvika–Hennset timetable

Since the period with the smaller ferry on the Kvanne–Rykkjem connection is being extended, it will also affect the Arasvika–Hennset connection:

The timetable for Arasvika–Hennset that was supposed to be until 20 December, will now be in effect until 23 December. After that, there will be a holiday schedule from 24 December to 1 January. From 2 January, the temporary timetable will resume and be in effect for as long as the drilling work continues at Kvanne.

Kvanne–Rykkjem timetable

Earlier in December, FRAM in Møre and Romsdal County Authority released information about the timetable for Kvanne–Rykkjem. This schedule was meant to be in effect throughout the construction period until spring 2024, but the operations required in January demand a new timetable for this period.

Passengers can find all updated timetables in the FRAM app or in the travel planner on FRAM's website.

Both the ferry dock project and FRAM still encourage trucks to choose alternative routes until a larger ferry is back on the Kvanne–Rykkjem connection.

The arrangement with traffic supervision at Rykkjem ferry dock will continue to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Bus line 902

As previously announced by FRAM, there are changes for bus line 902 FRAM Express Surnadal–Molde due to the ferry schedules. These changes will be in effect as long as the timetable for Kvanne–Rykkjem is valid:

  • The departure from Surnadal at 10.10 will be canceled.
  • The departure from Molde at 21.00 will be delayed to 21.10. The final stop for this departure will be at Sunndalsøra. The departure from Sunndalsøra at 22.35 will be canceled.