Reduced capacity on the Sølsnes–Åfarnes ferry route on 5 March

Between 11:45 AM and 4:00 PM, the route will be served by the reserve ferry MF Eira.

Fjord 1 is arranging a ferry christening for MF Rødvenfjord and MF Eresfjord, both of which operate on the Sølsnes to Åfarnes route. Therefore, there will be reduced capacity on 5 March between 11.45 am and 4.00 pm The ferries will be christened in Åndalsnes at 2:00 pm.

The reserve ferry MF Eira will operate on the route during this time period. Some delays should be expected. The first departure with MF Eira will be from Åfarnes at 11.25 am, and from Sølsnes at 11.45 am. MF Eira will follow departures marked with 'B' in the timetable.

MF Eira will be the only ferry on the route until 4.00 pm. MF Eresfjord will start on the route from the departure at 4.05 pm from Sølsnes and will follow the route marked 'A' in the timetable.

Changes to Bus Line 420 FRAM Express

Due to reduced ferry capacity, Bus Line 420 FRAM Express Molde-Sølsnes-Åndalsnes will be delayed by 20 minutes from Åndalsnes on the following departures:

  • From Øran øst at 11:30 AM to Molde Hospital
  • From Øran øst at 12:45 PM to Molde Hospital
  • From Øran øst at 2:10 PM to Molde Traffic Terminal