Cancellations in the Hamnsund route on Tuesday, 21 May

Due to repairs on the passenger boat dock, there will be only two departures from Hamnsund on Tuesday, 21 May. The passenger boat will depart from Hamnsund at 07:15 and 08:10, but for the rest of the day, this dock will be closed. 

Hurtigbåt på sjøen. By i bakgrunnen. Foto - Click for large imageThe passenger boat MS Kalvøy in the Hamnsund route. Konrad Lillevevang

For travel to/from Valderøya and Store Kalvøy, the passenger boat will follow the normal schedule. 

For passengers using one of the two morning departures from Hamnsund, a separate bus will be provided from Skateflua for the return trip from Ålesund, departing at 15:50. This bus will connect with bus lines 231 and 232 in Hamnsund. 

For return trips later in the afternoon, passengers should use the regular bus lines from Moa traffic terminal. 

Updated schedules can be found in the FRAM app or on