Safe and pleasant travel for everyone

We want it to be pleasant to travel with FRAM and that you should feel safe when traveling by public transport. There are several things you can do to contribute to a safe and enjoyable travel for everyone.

Be considerate to others

When you travel by public transport, we ask that you behave so that you are not a nuisance to other travelers. If everyone are considerate, the travel will be pleasant for more people and the safety on board will be better.

  • Wear a seat belt where available
  • Be considerate when talking to others and listening to music
  • Avoid spilling and messing around on board
  • Be careful with the parfume

Wait to cross the road

Be careful when crossing the road after disembarking the bus.

As long as the bus is at the stop, it is difficult for oncoming traffic to see you, and you do not have control over the traffic picture.

  • Wait until the bus has left and take a good look at both sides before crossing the road

Show that you are getting on the bus

It can be difficult for the driver to see you at the stop, and it can be difficult to know if you want to get on the bus.

  • Extend your arm when the bus arrives
  • Use a reflector on your arm when it is dark

Welcome on board. Nice travel!