Changes to bus routes in Nordmøre

From Wednesday, 1 May, there will be several adjustments to buses in Nordmøre.

The following schedule changes will be in effect from Wednesday, 1 May:

Route 501 Kristiansund - Kårvåg:

  • Departure at 7.30 am from Bruhagen town center to Kristiansund traffic terminal is moved to 7.25 am.
  • Departure at 8.00 am from Kristiansund traffic terminal to Kårvåg is moved to 07.55 am. On school days, the bus will stop at Kårvåg elementary school for drop-offs on this trip.

Route 812 Kristiansund - Flatøy:

  • The bus will first travel the route on rv.70, then through Trastbygda. This does not apply on school days for the trip via Kvitnes to Frei school.

Route 821 Kristiansund - Aure:

  • Several departure times between Aure and Tømmervåg have been adjusted and advanced.

Check the journey planner for details and updated times. 

Check the travel planner for details and updated times.