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Terms and Conditions

Transport Regulations approved by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications on 27th February 2004.

With relevant amendments for tourist trips offered under FRAM’s “Travel like the locals” concept.

Chapt. 1 – Passengers

§ 1 To whom do the regulations apply

These transport regulations apply to travel with public buses in Norway and constitute a contract between the passenger and Møre and Romsdal county authority/the public transport brand FRAM.


§ 2 Embarkation and disembarkation

Embarkation and disembarkation shall only take place at designated stops. If it is safe and in accordance with the road traffic regulations, stops may in exceptional circumstances take place outside of designated stops.


§ 3 Fares and exchange rates

For trips offered through the “Travel like the locals” concept, the pricing authority for Møre and Romsdal county authority have stipulated that the price will consist of the standard fare and an administrative addition of 13.75 % to cover commission and other additional costs. Student discounts are not offered for the “Travel like the locals” trips.

Prices for “Travel like the locals” tips are displayed on the booking page for each trip.

Payments for bookings are handled in the Trekkpay system. For every transaction, there is a DCC charge on top of the current exchange rate to cover risks connected to currency handling.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the passengers accept the pricinc.


§ 4 Tickets

The right to travel is contingent on having a valid ticket. For “Travel like the locals” trips, tickets must be purchased before embarkation. Passengers are responsible for checking that they have received the correct ticket before embarking.

Passengers must carry their ticket throughout their journey, and they must show it to the driver or inspector on request. Passenger who have bought a discounted ticket must, on request, provide documentation that they are entitled to the discount.

Passengers who are unable to present a valid ticket during an inspection are obliged to pay a penalty charge corresponding to twice the amount for the single journey fare for the distance, with a minimum fee of NOK 300.

Passengers who refuse to pay the penalty charge can be reported to the police, cf. the General Civil Penal Code (“Straffeloven”) Section 403.


§ 5 Conduct

Passengers are obliged to show consideration for other passengers and to comply with normal safety rules. Seat belts and other safety equipment shall be used where provided.

Passengers must not obstruct the driver's view or in other ways disturb the driver.


§ 6 Smoking and alcohol/drugs

Smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants is prohibited on means of transport.


§ 7 Disturbances

The driver or other personnel can refuse to admit passengers who are clearly under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or who in some other manner behave in a way that inconveniences or causes discomfort to other passengers. Passengers who behave indecently or who in some other manner inconvenience other passengers can be expelled from means of transport.


§ 8 Rules concerning passenger liability

Any damage caused by passengers to means of transport or fixtures and fittings shall be compensated pursuant to the general rules relating to compensation of damages.


Chapt. II – Luggage

§ 9 Hand luggage

Each passenger can free of charge bring along easily handled objects (hand luggage) with a total weight not exceeding 20 kg. The luggage must be stowed so that it does not inconvenience other passengers or obstruct people getting on and off.

The Regulations for Prices and Discount Schemes stipulates what passengers must pay for.


§ 10 Other luggage/goods

For a fee, heavy or large items can be brought provided there is room available and the driver/personnel deems it safe. Such items must be stowed according to the directions from the driver/personnel.

Prams and pushchairs can be brought along, provided that there is room for them, and they must be placed in the manner prescribed by the driver and other personnel.

Bicycles that can be dismantled or folded can be transported in the luggage compartment. Other bicycles will only be accepted on vehicles with a bicycle rack or other suitable equipment/storage space, as long as there is space and the driver deems it safe.


§ 11 Animals

Personnel/drivers of means of transport are not obliged to admit live animals. The driver/personnel determines whether an animal can be brought on board. Dogs must be kept on a leash during transport and be placed so that they do not inconvenience other passengers. Animals that are aggressive or cause discomfort to other passengers in some other way can be removed from the means of transport during a journey.


§ 12 Liability and compensation for loss of or harm to luggage and/or persons

The carrier is not liable for the loss of or damage to objects brought along as hand luggage unless it can be proved that the personnel have been negligent. In other respects, the liability of the carrier is regulated by the Automobile Liability Act (“Bilansvarsloven”) of 3 February 1961.

For goods that are transported against a fee pursuant to § 9, the carrier is responsible for loss or damage that occurs from the goods is place on the bus until it reached the destination. However, this does not apply if the loss or damage is caused by faults or negligence on the part of the passenger bringing the goods. The act’s § 32.2 stipulates that on domestic transport, the liability is maximum 17 SDR for each kilogram of the damaged goods’ gross weight.

(SDR - Special Drawing Right - is an international currency defined by the International Monetary Fund.)


§ 13 Claims

Anyone claiming compensation pursuant to § 11, must do this within reasonable time and without unfounded delay.


Kap. III Liability and compensation

§ 14 The company’s liability in connection with delays and cancellations

As far as possible, the carrier shall endeavour to inform passengers about cancellations, delays and other disruptions to operations and inform passengers on how to act. Small delays must be expected.

If a service is delayed or is cancelled or interrupted en route, the carrier shall, depending on the circumstances in each individual case, arrange for alternative transport within reasonable time. What is deemed to be “within reasonable time” must be assessed in each case.

If alternative transport is not provided or is not provided within reasonable time, passengers have the right to claim compensation for the loss that has been incurred provided the carrier has acted negligent.

Any claim for compensation must be documented. Only direct loss is compensated. The passenger is required to limit the loss.


§ 15 Liability for harm to person

If a person is harmed the carrier is liable according to the conditions for the Automobile Liability Act («Bilansvarsloven”).


Chapt. IV Other stipulations

§ 16 Complaints

Any complaints about the carrier, personnel or the running of services must be addressed FRAM attention of FRAM Customer Care Center at e-mail


§ 17 Information about the terms and conditions

The transport regulations shall be carried on each vehicle when carrying out the types of transport that the terms and conditions apply to. The terms and conditions shall also be available for the passengers or information about where the terms and conditions can be found is to be provided. The name of the carrier and how to contact the company must also be specified.


§ 18 Validity

Each carrier kan apply additional transport regulations as long as they do not reduce the rights of the passenger pursuant to § 1-17 above.

Terms that apply specifically to trips in the FRAM “Travel like the locals” concept

§ 19 Cancellation and rebooking

Cancellation and changes to a booking must be done no later than 24 hours before the start of the trip. No refunds will be made for cancellations or change requests received less than 24 hours before the start time of the trip. For agents/tour operators, special conditions apply. The conditions are communicated as part of the agent agreement.

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